We have added several new mixed media classes for April and May, instructed by local artist Allison Cleveland.  Please see the  Upcoming Classes and Demos page for details on latest class offerings.

Mixed Media Mondays

Mixed Media Mondays


January and February brought a lot of fun (and education) to visitors of Lite Box Gallery! Here a re few photos from our classes and demos!

Debra Riffe demos the inking process. (Photo courtesy Chris Bisset)

Debra Riffe demos the inking process. (Photo courtesy Chris Bisset)

Images created in Debra Riffe's Lino Cut class. (Photo courtesy Chris Bisset)

Images created in Debra Riffe's Lino Cut Workshop. (Photo courtesy Chris Bisset)

Valentine Card Workshop

Charles Buchanan led a very popular Valentine Card Workshop!

Card samples from Charles's class.

Card samples from Charles's class.

Scott Fisk Letterpress Demo

Scott Fisk Letterpress Demo

Miniature letterpress used by traveling salesman.

Miniature letterpress used by traveling salesman.

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Please join Lite Box Gallery at the opening reception for “First Impressions: An Introduction to Alabama Printmaking,” on January 14, 2011, from 5:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. Refreshments will be served while two exhibiting artists, Patrick Mayton and Rebecca Reynolds, demo their processes.

First Impressions postcard

Opening reception, Friday, January 14, 2011, from 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Lite Box Gallery will exhibit this show from January 14 through February 26 in the ArtFolk space at the Young & Vann Building in downtown Birmin…gham, Alabama. The show will be one of the largest exhibits of its kind in the state, featuring more than 30 Alabama artists who are exploring the increasingly popular medium of printmaking. Featured artists include many of Alabama’s most talented printmakers as well as emerging artists.

Printmaking can take many forms, from colorful screenprints and bold block prints to the delicate lines of intaglio and the nostalgic look and feel of letterpress. Visitors to “First Impressions” will see examples of each type of printmaking and gain insight into the different artistic processes, including the new frontier of digital printmaking. In addition, weekly workshops, demonstrations, and artist talks will enable the public to experiment with printmaking and make their own art pieces. Upcoming classes are listed at https://liteboxgallery.wordpress.com/upcoming-classes-and-demos/.

Artists include:

Justin Banger
James Cormier
Michelle Ray
Debra Riffe
Bethany Moody
Rebecca Munkachy
West Finlayson
Tenisha Hicks
Michael Swann
Jane Marshall
Lauren Faulkenberry
Suzanne Sawyer
Helga Mendoza
Cathy Wright
Sarah Marshall
Aaron Drew
Drea Zacharenko
Rebecca Reynolds
Chris Bisset
Mimi Boston
Shelleigh Buckingham
Ashley Lindsey
Scott Stephens
Kathy Baty
Patrick Mayton
Jill Marlar
John DeMotte
Scott Fisk
Timarie Fisk
Jeremy Markham
Charles Buchanan

Just a little note to say Lite Bax Gallery has temporarily moved to the Young & Vann Building located at 1731 First Avenue North in downtown Birmingham, Alabama.

Our next show, First Impressions: An Introduction to Alabama Printmaking, will open with a reception on Friday, January 14th, 2011. Please make plans to join us!

Lite Box Gallery at Young & Vann

Lite Box Gallery at Young & Vann, a view from 1st AVenue North at 18th Street. The gallery entrance is located on the back side of this historic building.

Lite Box Gallery at Pepper Place announces an opening reception for Everything Must Go! on Friday,
November 26th at 6:00 p.m.

Everything must go!

Find treasures from the Benjamin Estate!

Lite Box Gallery will be host to a one-of-a-kind estate sale. Mark your calendars for this day after Thanksgiving event! “The Benjamin Estate” includes several pieces from local artists, as well as vintage keepsakes. This cash & carry exhibit will be on view through Saturday, December 18th.

From the organizer, D.L.W.:
“The little known, but thoroughly eccentric & quietly historic Benjamin family of Birmingham has recently marked the end of its line with the death of H. Benjamin Benjamin. The estate has reverted into the hands of the State. With plans to use the property for family-friendly shopping, everything must go!

In order to raise the capital required to raze the historic Benjamin homestead to the ground, State officials have announced the open sale of the estate effects to the general public. Items will be on display for open manhandling & criticism, as well as immediate removal upon receipt of sale.

Items included are books, dolls, birds, bowls & bottles; personal effects from a lady’s boudoir; a botanical collection from an overgrown conservatory; sundry laundry accessories; out of date kitchen ware, fine dining ware & various miscellaneous odds, ends & collectibles.

Sale is first come, first served, with a strict cash-&-carry policy. The State has declared the site an official EVERYTHING MUST GO zone, with intentions of burning anything left as rubbish as of January 1, 2011.”

Extended Holiday Hours:
Wed. – Fri., 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Sat. 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Today, we begin the process of saying goodbye to one of the great arts leaders in Birmingham. On December 30th, 2010, Bare Hands Gallery, a non-profit art gallery in downtown Birmingham, will be closing its doors for good. Since its inception in 1996, Bare Hands has been a leader to the Birmingham art world, bringing some of the region’s most important and cutting-edge artists to the public.
From the bottom of our hearts, the Lite Box Gallery and all the artists in and around Pepper Place say thank you to Wendy Jarvis and Bare Hands Gallery for your leadership, your bravery, and your integrity. We could not have the amazing art scene we have in Birmingham without you.
Read a farewell letter from one of Bare Hands Gallery’s board members HERE.
Bare Hands Gallery’s final show, SHINE 2010, will be on display from December 3rd – December 30th.

Join us for a closing reception for Terra Aqua Flora Fauna, complete with experimental music and dance. Come and examine the changes in Red Mountain Wall, ponder the land behind the ladder, and recount the simplicity of another summer gone by. A perfect opportunity to add a piece to your collection from what has been called the best show in Birmingham!

On with the event!

Lite Box Gallery welcomes the electronic geekery of Awkward Silence and the throbbing drones of Power Geyser, while Them Natives returns for an encore improv performance! Gull (of NOLA) will also make a special appearance late in the evening! Liz Ross of DANCEe will perform solo work at this event which marks the final week of the exhibit on view through November 13th.

Gull/ Them Natives/ Awkward Silence/ Power Geyser and DANCEe
at Lite Box Gallery

Sunday, Nov 7th
7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
$5 Suggested Donation
For more info call the gallery at (205) 716-1665.

Them Natives – www.myspace.com/themnatives
Awkward SIlence – www.soundcloud.com/awkwardsilence
Power Geyser – http://bennnny.ytmnd.com/
DANCEe – http://www.facebook.com/pages/DANCEe/119556151415406?v=info

Andy Behrle's "Red Mountina Wall" and "Sediment, Sentiment Remnants"

Andy Behrle's "Red Mountain Wall" and "Sediment, Sentiment Remnants"

Terra Aqua Flora Fauna, at Lite Box Gallery opened on October 8th and will run through November 13th. Artists include Andy Behrle (MFA, Arizona State), Kara Cassidy Hall (BFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago), and Allison Cleveland (BFA, Auburn University).

Behrle’s installations involve the use of water as it drips down a wall of Red Mountain dirt, oxidizes with steel panels, patinas bronze castings, and creates waves of refracted light in his three distinct installations. We also have steel panels and a slide show of previous water and steel process pieces on display. The rusted and sealed panels are mounted available for purchase. “Red Mountain Wall” is a work in progress – through out the course of the show, the water is slowly eroding the dirt, carving paths into the clay that the artists troweled onto this wall. As the water finds a resting place at the basin of the piece, it either quickly evaporates or lingers to oxidizes those steel panels.

While Behrle encompasses the Terra/Aqua angle, Hall’s installations focus on the Flora and Fauna. She has created an amazing assortment of miniature installations, built into boxes, terrariums and bones. Her detailed pieces are composed of bones, circuit boards, relics and mementos (both found and collected), lichens, mosses and other plant life. Her photo collection, “Bones”, reflects her interested in Palaeontology as she has assembled and named eight playful and imaginary species. Hall came to Birmingham seeking foundry work with Sloss Furnaces. Her tiny bronze casts from the “Post Cenomaian, Pre Paleocene” era are displayed as an aerial view of a river basin, viewed from an inviting black ladder in the rear of the gallery.

Lastly, “June” is a series of works created in June 2010 by Allison Cleveland while in an Artists residency in Greensboro. Cleveland used paper scraps, natural stains and other materials to create 20 14″ x 14″ panels representing individual incidents and happenings during 20 days in June.

We will be open for extended hours Thursday, October 21st, until 8 p.m.

Lite Box Gallery is seeking entries for “First Impressions: An Introduction to Alabama Printmaking,” to be held January 14 through February 26, 2011.

Submission Deadline: October 29, 2010

Show Premise: The show will serve as a printmaking primer for the public, describing and illustrating the many different forms of printmaking to help people gain a greater understanding of the medium. The show will also highlight many of Alabama’s most talented printmakers, including talented artists who are new to the Birmingham scene.


• Any printmaker who lives or works in the state of Alabama is eligible to submit works. This includes Alabama residents attending schools in other states and out-of-state students attending schools within Alabama.

• You can submit an unlimited number of original works. All types of printmaking are eligible, including relief prints (woodcuts, linoleum prints, rubber prints, etc.), monoprints, letterpress prints, etchings,engravings, lithographs, intaglio prints, screenprints, and new or experimental forms of printmaking, including digital prints, rust prints, etc.

How to Submit Your Work:

• Create a CD containing images of the artwork you intend to exhibit. Images must be 300 dpi .jpg files in RGB color mode. Total file size for each image should be less than 2 MB. Put your name on the CD. CDs cannot be returned.

• Include a Microsoft Word-compatible file listing the names of your works, the printmaking process used for each, artwork sizes, and a short artist bio and description of your process. You must include your contact information, including mailing address, phone number, and e-mail. Also, indicate if you are interested in leading a printmaking demonstration or workshop during the show.

• Send in an entry fee with your CD. A $15 fee allows you to submit up to three works. To submit additional works, add $5 per work to your fee. Make checks payable to Litebox Gallery. Entry fees are nonrefundable.

• Your submission must be postmarked by October 29, 2010.

• Send your submission to:

Litebox Gallery

2825 2nd Avenue South

Birmingham, AL 35233

If Your Work Is Selected:

• We will notify you by November 22, 2010, and send you acontract, which you must sign and return.

• We will request an additional acceptance fee of $15 per artist, which funds the opening reception and other activities designed to draw visitors to the gallery.

• Artwork must be delivered to the gallery by January 7, 2011. Contact us if you plan to mail or ship your artwork.

• All works must arrive ready to hang. In addition, all works on paper must be framed and matted.

• Accepted artists are invited to provide unframed prints, general greeting cards, and Valentine cards in addition to wall art.

–All unframed prints must be sealed in poly or plastic with either a mat or stiff backing board.

–All general cards/Valentine cards must be sealed in poly or plastic.

–Affix a price to all unframed prints, cards, and Valentine cards.

–Contact us if you are interested in selling other printed materials at this show.

• Artists will receive 60 percent of the price for each piece sold, with the gallery receiving 40 percent. Checks for sales will be mailed after the show ends.

• Artists within the Birmingham area should plan to help staff the gallery for at least one five-hour shift during the course of the show. This will offer you the opportunity to promote and discuss your work with potential buyers.

• Accepted artists will have opportunities to lead or assist with printmaking workshops and demonstrations.

• Works by accepted artists may be used on promotional materials for the show.

For More Information: E-mail Lite Box or call (205) 716-1665.

Lite-Brite show flyer

Our current colorful show runs through September 30. Don’t miss your opportunity to see it! Be sure to stop by while you’re visiting the Pepper Place Saturday Market.